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PBO Solutions' expertise lies in the development of innovative products for pigeon fanciers across the World. In just a few short years we developed three significant products:-

In 2000 we brought the highly successful LoftOrganiser software to the market, catering for all the requirements of a modern racing and breeding loft including, of course, the ability to create and print high quality pedigrees.

2004 saw us designing the brilliant LoftMate race management device to help manage your race day. 

Then in 2005 we then introduced SecPro software to provide an excellent Member and Race management system for Pigeon Clubs and Federations.





Part of the success of the products designed, supplied, and supported by PBO Solutions is the fact that it is a Pigeon Fancier (Paul O'Leary) behind all of this activity. The products therefore reflect absolutely what Fanciers want to achieve, and are updated through time as new demands and aspirations arise.