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LoftMate is a unique timing device designed for the pigeon fancier, designed by and exclusively available from PBO Solutions. No need for rough calculations on race day … LoftMate does all your interactive calculations now and informs you how your race is going as each second passes counting up your flying time, and counting down your velocity! It even takes into account night hours (hours of darkness) tolerances prevailing in the longer distance races. And, when your pigeons are safely home and clocked LoftMate will store the arrival times and calculate up to 10 precise velocities for you before you return to your Club/Clock Station to have your clock read officially. (NB LoftMate always assumes a dead clock).

    • Stores up to 10 clocking times, and calculates PRECISE velocities
    • Hours-of-Darkness utility
    • Operates in YPM and MPM
    • Palm-sized
    • Supplied with Lanyard

Priced at £60 each