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Gregory Bros Auction

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The Barcelona International is considered by many in the Fancy as the No. 1 race in the World, because it is flown over an extreme long distance and also because it is ultra competitive with 20000+ pigeons competing most years from multiple European countries. To win, or be highly placed, at National or International level, is the ultimate proof of a pigeon’s endurance and determination and also the Fancier’s loft management and motivational skills.

Great Barcelona families are hard to find and buy into, but one such family is that of the Belgian fancier, Daniël Aerens, who has had countless pigeons score from Barcelona and other long distance race points, including in 2013 winning 1st Hens International, 4th National, 5th International with “I Have a Dream“.

Gregory Bros (Rathnew, Ireland) are making 17 mature pigeons available in this Auction, all bred by Daniël. Whether you already have an established long distance breeding team, and are looking to blend in additional lines, or you are embarking on or progressing through a long term project to build up a team to compete at Barcelona, other International race points, or 500 mile classic/national races, these pigeons should be of interest to you.

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Autumn project!

For anyone still using a loft book, word document, or spreadsheet to keep track of their pigeons, Autumn really is the optimum time to invest is a professional computer database. Our “LoftOrganiser” not only keeps detailed individual records, but through its indexing capability can easily generate 3 and 4 generation pedigrees for you. Yes, you will have to invest some time in entering the records for the first time but the rewards are then instantaneous and infinite! Small and large lofts, even commercial studs, gain equal pro-rate benefits. Not sure and have questions? Fire away, we’re here to help you through the process.

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Pigeon Auction & Sales – Loyalty Points Scheme

To reflect how much we value and appreciate bidders in the auctions and sales that we host, we will be creating a ‘loyalty’ scheme whereby successful bidders accrue loyalty points in much the same way as you do with supermarkets and online retailers. Points can be redeemed against future successful bids and purchases. I don’t think any other auction site currently offers its customers a reward for their custom and loyalty … perhaps they don’t appreciate you as much as we do and as much as they should. Create yourself an online account now, get involved in bidding for some excellent pigeons when they’re online, and start banking your loyalty points.


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Register a User Account

Should you wish to bid on any pigeons in upcoming auctions you will first need to have created an account on this website. You can do this at the time of making your very first bid, or at any other time convenient to you. In creating the account you will not be asked for any banking information, just your preferred User Name and a valid email address to enable us to communicate with you through the bidding process.

To create a user account, click “Register Account” on the main menu.

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*** Auctions ***

Auction functionality is currently being configured and tested by Ryan (my son) and myself and I hope shortly to announce some exciting Auctions from top fanciers in both Ireland and Netherlands, so keep watching this space. If you are considering an Auction for yourself, perhaps previously unplanned but due to a change of circumstances or just realising that you are overstocked right now, or you need to get a few shekels back into the war chest to invest in the likes of the upcoming Gaby Vandenabeele end-of-the era or Jelle Jellema sales on ‘another’ site, just email me at and we can take things from there.

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Welcome to PBO Solutions’ new web site.

We have recently migrated our website so that we can make cosmetic improvements but also to enable us to bring in better commercial functionality for sales and, later on, auctions. We are making all efforts to get the new website fully operational, but this may take us a couple of days,

Importantly, we have a fabulous sale to handle for Dave Boylan, including the super breeding pair of his “Red Rock Dynasty” of pigeons, van den Bulck based. “Red Rock” and “Blue Angel”, both in the sale, are already responsible for several big winners so this will be a real opportunity to buy into some potent breeding stock. Seven other pigeons will accompany them in the sale, all of them also van den Bulcks, and these birds too will I am sure prove great additions to any stock loft. Keep checking this page and Facebook for updates regarding this sale.