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Welcome to PBO Solutions’ new web site.

We have recently migrated our website so that we can make cosmetic improvements but also to enable us to bring in better commercial functionality for sales and, later on, auctions. We are making all efforts to get the new website fully operational, but this may take us a couple of days,

Importantly, we have a fabulous sale to handle for Dave Boylan, including the super breeding pair of his “Red Rock Dynasty” of pigeons, van den Bulck based. “Red Rock” and “Blue Angel”, both in the sale, are already responsible for several big winners so this will be a real opportunity to buy into some potent breeding stock. Seven other pigeons will accompany them in the sale, all of them also van den Bulcks, and these birds too will I am sure prove great additions to any stock loft. Keep checking this page and Facebook for updates regarding this sale.