The House of Aarden

Fabulous UK Stud specialising in the long distance ‘International‘ racing strains, with outstanding Barcelona performances in every pedigree, but also now housing a major colony of the Frans Zwols middle-distance strain.

Timbarra Lofts

Home of the old Janssen-Van den Bosch Strain, also the Wouters-Meulemans family of pigeons. A smaller Pigeon Stud that is really going places.

Leo van Rijn

Leo has recently announced that after 51 years of racing at the very highest levels in The Netherlands that he will cease racing from his lofts. In 2020 he will race in partnership with Ron Gielissen racing as Combinatie Gielissen van Rijn. Leo will breed birds for the new partnership and, hopefully, continue to sell selected pigeons into the UK via our Sales and Auction platform.