PBO is no longer the Agent for iPigeon, having stood down to focus on other projects. However, we do have some stock remaining that we can legitimately sell, mainly Antenna Pads and Cables. If you need two or more pads, please contact us for a discounted price deal.

The iPigeon is the most recent ETS brand licensed by the FCI and RPRA, and as you would expect it is therefore at the leading edge of technology. Using a SIM card you can enable text messaging to up to five mobile phones (great for Partnerships). Training and Race arrivals can also be communicated and displayed on a Mobile APP and also a Web Database. You can add birds and assign your own rings, very useful when you suddenly have to add an extra pigeon and/or reassign a bird (we do of course recommend that the Club Manager software is used as this is a much more controlled method of adding pigeons for multiple members in the same club, also for adding a full race program).

All new iPigeons sent out have the Firmware checked for the latest version, the touchscreen tested, and the UTC (Universal Time) set to UTC+01:00, just before despatch by PBO. We also test that our own standard SIM card grabs a GPS connection to enable SMS communication. All this means you should land running once your iPigeon is received, can start adding pigeons, and enjoy the experience of one of the most advanced ETS on the market.

Unique Selling Points (USP’s) of the iPigeon:-
1) Add and assign your own rings … providing you with the ultimate flexibility to manage your own rings without relying upon and/or burdening a fellow clubmate with this task. The in-built RFID reader enables you do this (no ring marker required)
2) A standard SIM card (contract or PAYG, from any provider, your choice) can be slotted into the back of the iPigeon to deliver instant SMS messages to up to 5 mobile phones for Racing and Training.
3) Outside of structured Race Management via your Club Manager software, additional races can be added by you on-the-fly for National and Classic races
4) For the time being at least, ANY type of ETS rings can be used when assigning your birds on the iPigeon … so if you have some rings left over from your previous system these can all be use up!
5) 7” high resolution colour touch display, best operated with the supplied Stylus Pen
6) Large memory can store up to 9000 birds
7) The ONLY system that currently fully complies with the FCI’s UNIVES PROTOCOL v1.7
8) Accessible electronic Log (audit trail)
9) Simply-to-use Firmware Upgrade path (uses cheap SD card, no internet connection required)