Luuk is a young Dutch fancier with an excellent marathon distance stock loft and he is competing in the International race arena. Luuk has supplied some exceptional distance youngsters for us to sell as breeding prospects for others. Included in the sale are superb grandchildren of ANNABEL, an outstanding racing hen for Luuk’s father, Jan, being the winner in 2016 of 1st International Narbonne 10836p and 9th International Pau 9908p. Two of these grandchildren result from a very special mating of Jan Becker’s ANNABEL and Dick Friealdenhofen’s FORREST JUNIOR the winner of 1st International Pau. Apart from ANNABEL’s grandchildren, this whole set of youngsters all have deep marathon pedigrees. Being summer-bred, all these youngsters have some moult and flights still to get through, some more than others, but I am sure if you are interested in these pigeons you are already thinking long term rather than short term. All Lots start at £80, with £10 bid increments until we reach £150 whereupon the bid increment will rise to £20.

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