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See below the Auctions that are now Live or in Preview mode. Generally, auction lots are listed in simple ring number order. All lots usually start at the same opening bid, with £10 bid increment levels up to £150, whereafter £20 increments are implemented. When making a bid, you can choose to make the minimum bid increment required (e.g. current high bid is £80 so bid £90) or, alternatively, if you know you are willing to pay, say, £200, then bid the £200 straightaway however the system will only SHOW the £90 required to be the highest bid at that time. If no further bids are received you get the bird for £90, not £200. If another bid comes in at £100, then £110 is automatically bid on your behalf by the system to keep you in front! This is called entering a MAXIMUM bid and can be an especially useful tool for buyers who are not logged on constantly and unable to make the repeat minimum incremental bids required to stay in front.

You can view and monitor any bids you make via:- My Account>View my Account>My Auctions

For any questions or support required (e.g. lost/forgotten ID or Password) please call/text/whatsapp +44 7817-776720 or email poleary72@hotmail.com

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