1st Dec – 15th Dec (closing from 3pm)
Wim offers 5 pigeons, many of them inbred to Marcel Wouters’ DEN AD, the best son of DE LEEUW.
DEN AD, Marcel Wouters, son of De Leeuw, and winner of 1st Nat Olympic Cat B Nitra 2013, 1st Prov Ace Bird MD Union Antwerpen 2012, 1st Nat Ace Bird KBDB MD 2012.
DE LEEUW, Marcel Wouters, 8th Nat Ace Bird 2004, 1st Ace Pigeon Antwerp Union West, 4th Nat Ace Bird KBDB 2004.

Sexing of all birds believed to be correct, but cannot be 100% guaranteed.

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