Ends 24/11/2019 from 3pm GMT
Wim & Sven achieved all of our dreams when winning 1st International Barcelona, no less, in 2009 with NELLIE, and still remains a powerful distance loft competing at the very highest levels in the Internationals and One-Loft races. In this auction there’s a beautiful selection of young pigeons from the famous Barcelona players Wim & Sven van Houten. Year after year they manage to obtain incredible results with their own loft on the difficult marathon-flights where it really matters. Also, far beyond the borders, many others manage to obtain these results with the pigeons from Wim & Sven van Houten. The top results start to pile up. Because of their success and the relative small loft (they don’t own several hundreds of pigeons), it is no surprise that the demands are transcending the offer by far. To somewhat meet the demands, they have selected 9 excellent pigeons from 2019 which are descendants from top breeders.

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