Lot 2) BE20-5120095 Chocolate Hen ♀️ (Arie Dijkstra)

100% ARIE DIJKSTRA … Sire and Dam both inbred from his top LEONARDO x TINKELBEL lines.

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*** NOTE *** we believe the wrong image of this pigeon ws sent to us by the photographer, this hen is much more or a Red/Choc Pied (actual picture in Gallery)

Both the Sire and Dam of this pigeon are inbred from ARIE DIJKSTRA’s top LEONARDO (son of BIG BOOM) and TINKELBEL


  • Winner himself of:-
    • 53e NPO Niergnies 16.545p (1e-347p)
    • 72e NPO Sourdun 11.449p (2e-224p)
    • 3e Kampioen Dagfond ver. ’02
  • His children and grandchildren won:-
    • 1e Prov. Boxtel 10.848p
    • 2e NPO Ablis 9.324p
    • 2e NPO Orléans 6.469p
    • 3e Nat. Frankfurt a.d. Oder 4.757p
    • 3e NPO Morlincourt 7.053p
    • 6e NPO Chantilly 13.247p
    • 9e NPO Blois 5.237p


  • Son of BIG BOOM, fabulous breeder (above)
  • Leonardo is Sire of:-
    • 1st Prov. Boxtel 19.064p
    • 1st Prov. Sittard 16.739p
    • 1st Int. Sens 16.572p Z4/NU
    • 1st Prov. St.Quentin 13.661p
    • 1st NPO Orléans 2.001p
    • 1st NU Argenton 1.730p
    • 1st NPO Tours 1.538p
    • 1st NPO Chateauroux 912p
    • 1st NPO Argenton 731p
    • 2nd Nat. Troyes 14.178p
    • 2nd NPO Souppes-sur-Loing 6.882p
    • 2nd Prov. Quievrain 10.798p
    • 2nd NPO Ablis 9.296p
    • 2nd NPO Orléans 6.469p
    • 2nd NPO Morlincourt 6.297p
    • 2nd NPO Sens 9.934p
    • 2nd NPO Orléans 4.533p
    • 2nd NPO Argenton 1.237p


  • She won:-
    • 1st St.Ghislain 4.317p (9. NPO 17.210p)
    • 2st Houdeng 5.908p (33. NPO 23.423p)
    • 3rd Blois 1.240p (22. NPO 5.805p)
    • 10th Orléans 1.527p (45. NPO 6.817p)
    • 1st Asduif Jong p.v. De Koerier 2004
    • 2nd Asduif Natour p.v. De Koerier 2006
    • 4th Asduif Natour ccg De Wâlden 2006
    • 5th Asduif Jong samenspel De Eenheid 2004
  • … and is Dam of many top winners including:-
    • LEONIDAS (1st Int. Agen 25.328p)
    • CEASAR (Sire 1st Int. 16.572p)
    • OKIDOKI (2nd Nat. Asduif Dagfond ’08)
    • SPIKKELTJE (1st Kampioen Dagfond rayon/samenspel ’08)
    • BOOGIE (1st Asduif Friese Fond Club ’09)
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