Lot 19) NL19-1328139 Dark Hen ♀ *** gdtr 6th Nat Orange, from famous BETTUWE KOPPEL lines of Jan Peters ***

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Sire is son of 6th Nat Orange. Dam is sister 25th ZLU St Vincent.

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Sire is son of 6th Nat Orange and gson of a half-brother to 2nd Nat Marseille 2015 when paired to the winner of 34th NPO Bergerac.

Dam is sister of 25th ZLU St Vincent, 42nd Prov Narbonne, 152nd NPO Cahors, 270th NPO Cahors.

  • Dam is from lines of the famous BETUWE KOPPEL of Jan Peters, with the cock of this pair being from Jan Peters’ famed SUPER 36
  • The BETUWE KOPPEL are responsible for countless winners, just a select few are listed below:-
      • 1st Internationaal Narbonne 2015, 15937p. for Levi van der Weijde
      • 1st NPO Salbris 2014, 6598p for John Laan
      • 1st Nationaal Bergerac 2011, 6464p for Fred Stet
      • 1st Agen fondunie 2000 in 2014, 2210p for Fam. Hendriks
      • 2nd Nationaal Bergerac in 2013, 10327p
      • 2nd Nationaal Bordeaux in 2010, 5645p “Sjarapova” gdtr of “Petertje”
      • 3rd Nationaal Bergerac in 2013, 7688p for de Gebr. Jacobs
      • 3rd Internationaal Agen ZLU in 2015, 6643p for Gebr. Jacobs


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