Lot 36) IHU18S118336 Blue Hen

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de Bisschop/Vandenabeele, same way bred as Lots 27and 35. For further information please click “Description” link below.

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Sire is son of EAGLE BLACKY II (direct son 1st Prov Ace KBDB and 7th, 11th Nat Ace KBDB), grandchild 925 (winner 26 x best 10%, 8 x top 10, 50 x prize +400km, 67th Nat 7739 birds and 15th Combine 1451 birds). Dam, Vandenabeele, is dtr of TSAAR (113th Bourges 13354 birds, 8th Tours 2394 birds, 10th Tours 2285 birds, 21st Tours 2874 birds, 105th Limoges 11869 birds) when paired to CELINE (dtr of CRACK 308 the winner of 34th Nat Argenton 17010 birds and 144th La Souterraine 13708 birds).

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