ii) 1-Channel Antenna Pad


1-channel Antenna Pad for a smaller ETS trap. Price includes delivery.

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This is the smallest Antenna Pad supplied with the iPigeon, and is designed to work with a single hole ETS trap/entry point allowing 1 bird to trap followed by another, etc, and therefore very much suiting the smaller loft setups. For a double-sized ChipRing reading area lay 2 * 1-Channel pads side-by-side and connect them directly

Dimensions:- 190mm x 110mm x 15mm

Multiple antenna pads can be connected into a chain if you have more than one trap/entry point to your race loft.

The limitation for connections are:-

  • Landing Pads:
    • 4-Channel … up to 8 pads;
    • 1-Channel … up to 20 pads
  • Extension cables
    • up to 12 extension cables

Please consider whether you also need an additional 5m Cable with this product (for any doubts check with PBO)


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