vii) Ring Registration and Assignment


Get your ChipRings Registered and Assigned by PBO for just £2 per Ring (unlimited).


A first in the ETS market?

… a service provided to pre-Register and also Assign your chiprings so that all you have to do when receiving your starter pack is connect your Timer and Antenna Pad, and power the Timer up. No need to immediately read and learn how to ADD and ASSIGN, just get PBO to do it for you!

All the pigeons you request to have set up will be there for you so just present each ring in turn to the Timer, it will display the Ring Number assigned to each ring … check that the Ring Number is complete/correct, then go find that pigeon and put the Ring on it. Proper job done!

All that is required is for you to complete a simple Excel spreadsheet template (which I will email to you, with instructions) wherein you then list the full ring numbers, colours, and sexes, of all the birds you want to appear on your iPigeon Timer, and email the completed file back to PBO. For a very small number of pigeons, as an alternative to using the spreadsheet, you can carefully and clearly handwrite your list … just make sure all data is legible.

Whether you have as few as 10 or as many as 500 racers this service will save you and/or your Club Secretary the precious time it would take to do it between you, and moreover the system will be loaded with the EXACT same data that you yourself have provided*, and you can Train or Basket your birds for a Race on the same day you receive your iPigeon.

* clearly, PBO cannot accept any responsibility for any mis-assignments created where incorrect data was supplied


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