viii) SIM and SMS Setup


Get your SIM card configured for SMS messaging by PBO for just £25


One of the key features of the iPigeon is its ability to send SMS messages for all Training and/or Race Arrivals to up to FIVE mobile devices within seconds of each bird walking across the antenna pad. A GSM module, working with a standard SIM card, facilitate this fantastic feature.

Whilst the GSM is pre-built into the iPigeon, if you wish to send SMS’s you’ll need to acquire a SIM card and insert it into the reserved slot in the back of the iPigeon, then configure it. This process can be a little fiddly, so if the very thought of configuring a SIM brings you out in hives, you can book PBO to manage this activity for you by adding this product to your basket.

If you want PBO to configure the SMS feature in your iPigeon for you, we’ll need you to:-

  • send us a SIM card, registered in your name
    • we recommend iD mobile on a monthly contract
      • click
      • just get the cheapest deal you can get, making sure it includes unlimited texts as that’s what you need
      • currently there’s a £5/month deal available … not a lot considering the value you will place on the data you receive from it
    • the reason we recommend a contract, rather than pay-as-you-go, is that there’s then no danger of running out of texts and then suddenly having to top-up in a mad panic on race day …
      • remember if you’re away from your loft on race day and relying on a text to make a subsequent online or telephone verificatiom, then missing a text could prove very costly to you!
    • other SIM providers are, of course, available to you
  • send us a list of the mobile devices you want the SMS messages sent to
    • we will then send some ‘test’ messages to all the mobile devices to make sure everything is working
    • each of you can then add the mobile number of the SIM to your contacts as, say, ‘iPigeon
    • confirm that you want SMS message for both Race and Training arrivals




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