Lot 04) NWHU18R7549 Blue Hen ♀️ Rudy de Saer/Vandenabeele (dtr ZLATAN x TSABY 279)

Impeccable pedigree, a dtr of ZLATAN x TSABY 279

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Hard to imagine a better pedigree than this one! This is the second of three children of ZLATAN in the sale, paired to three different hens, this time TSABY 279.

  • Sire BE16-3112335 called ZLATAN, bred by Rudy de Saer
    • ZLATAN from a unique brother x sister pairing of ANTONIO x CHAMPIONNETTE
      • ANTONIO
        • 1st Souillac 7756p
        • 41st Prov Chateauroux 3486p
        • 204th Limoges 13781p
        • 142nd Cahors 8348p
        • ANTONIO is a son of stock dam TGOEDJE, and he is a full brother of another national winner NEW TOURS
          • 1st National Cahors 7136p
        • TGOEDJE also dam of
          • BLEKEN 4th NAT.Ace LD
          • CLOSE 4th Nat.Tulle
          • Dam of 3 * 1st Prize winners
  • Dam is BE16-4248279 TSABY 279
    • Dtr of TSABY x BEAUTY BETSY, top breeders of Gaby Vandenabeele
      • TSBAY is sire of
        • 1st Nat. Gueret 14362p
        • 1st prov. Tours 1670p
      • TSBAY is sire of NICKY
        • 1st Blois 378p
        • 7th Blois 235p
        • 7th Blois 365p
        • 10th Tours 2257p
        • 14th Blois 5142p
        • 16th Blois 4094p
      • TSBAY is sire ofTSARA
        • 1st Iprov Tours 1670p
        • Gdtr of JAMES BOND and ALFRED
          • JAMES BOND
            • 1st Bourges 2002, 13116p
          • ALFRED
            • 1st Brive 16007p
          • BEAUTY BETSY herself is Dam of
            • 1st Prov Orleans 3578p
            • 12th Prov 5970p
            • 19th Nat. 3720
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