Lot 01) NL19-1328090 Cheq Hen ♀ *** Dtr ANNABEL 1st Int Narbonne 2016 ***

Daughter of ANNABEL, 1st International Narbonne OB 2016, and ‘1015044’ the sire of 9th Int Pau 2016.

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Here we present a direct daughter of ANNABEL, 1st International Narbonne OB 2016, and ‘1015044’ the sire of 9th Int Pau 2016.


  • When we start out in Pigeon Racing, probably our first goal is to win our first 1st Prize in the local club. In time, we win a few more Club races and we then perhaps win the Federation, even the Combine. We progress further and join the Classic and National clubs, and enjoy some top section and open prizes. But the ULTIMATE prize in long distance pigeon racing is a level way above all those already mentioned, and the BARCELONA INTERNATIONAL is widely recognisd as the toughest and most prestigeous race to win. Why? Because of the flying distances involved, and the sheer number of competing fanciers and pigeons (from UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg) all vying for this ultimate of prizes.
  • Outside of the BARCELONA International, there are several other International races held each year e.g. Pau, St Vincent, Marseille, Perpignan, Agen, and NARBONNE. Each of these races presents different challenges to Barcelona in terms of geographic starting point and flying distance, but they are all equally hard to win … just ask anyone who competes in these races.
  • In 2016, Jan Becker (Luuk’s father) won the NARBONNE International with ANNABEL, flying 667 miles at 1140.6mpm, beating the field of 10836p by 57mpm.
  • Children off International winners rarely come to the open market … here you have the ability to bid on and win this lovely 2019 latebred hen in the open market at a price you are comfortable in paying.
  • ANNABEL comes from the lines of Jan Peters’ DE LATE 677 and Lowik Bros’ DE DAXDOFFER the winner of 1st Nat. Dax

Sire is ‘1015044’, Jan Peters, grandson of SUPER 36 and sire of:-

  • 9th Nat, 9th Int Pau 2016
  • 26th Nat Bergerac
  • 29th Nat Marseille
  • 32nd NPO Bergerac
  • 34th NPO Bergerac
  • 74th Fiante Marseille
  • 92nd NPO Bergerac


  • 4th Nat. Dax ZLU 2001



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