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Noel Peiren, lines of DE PAU and DE BOURGES

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Sire BELG11-3167791 paired to Dam BELG11-3167583

Sire is son of DE PAU when paired to IKA (KLAMPER x NIKA)

  • DE PAU
    • Sire of 33rd National 11484p, 104th International 23708p, Barcelona 2008
  • IKA
    • Winner of 1st National 94429, 1st International 11030p, Soustons 2009

Dam is dtr of DE BOURGES himself a son of DARCO, when paired to a dtr of PRINS BARCELONA x dtr ARTIEST BARCELONA

    • 1st National Bourges 23694p in 2004!
    • He flew 5 times a national race, 3 times in the first 100 national:-
      • 98th Cahors National 11090p
      • 249th Dax international 10511p
      • 382nd Cahors National 13093p
      • 82nd Dax International 12880p
      • 80th Cahors nat. 11838p
    • DIDI 930
      • sire of MAGIC BARCELONA the winner 1st Nat Barcelona 7774 birds, 2nd International Barcelona 19089 birds in 2015
      • 7th National Barcelona 13659p, 5th International Barcelona 26597p in 2000
      • Winner of 2nd National 13343p, 4th International 33145p Barcelona in 1993
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