Lot 01) NL19-1234998 Blue Hen ♀ *** inbred FIENEKE 5000, Vervoort ***

Flor Vervoort, heavily inbred to FIENEKE 5000. Sire DV06503-08-494 paired to Dam NL18-1818324

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100% Flor Vervoort, very near to being 100% inbred FIENEKE 5000

  • Sire DV06503-08-494 ggson of FIENEKE 5000
    • FIENEKE 5000 … an outstanding racing hen by anyone’s assessment, judge for yourself her performances!
      • 1st Orleans 10194p
      • 1st Vierzon Semi-Nat. 13700p
      • 1st Prov Bourges 7765p
      • 2nd Nat. Bourges 38152p
      • 6th Argenton Semi-Nat. 3359p
      • 1st Blackpool Olympiade 1999
      • Sold to the Far East for a then record for a middle-distance pigeon for €90k
    • Dam NL18-1818324 is also heavily inbred to the wonderful FIENEKE 5000 (see above)

This pigeon’s pedigree is heavily locked in to FIENEKE 5000, and will be a great cross into other families.

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