Lot 02) BE19-5028498 Chequer Hen ♀

Sire is inbred DE LEEUW, dam is from inbred KANNIBAAL and DI CAPRIO lines. For more details on this pigeon click ‘DESCRIPTION’ link below (just below ‘BIDS’).

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Sire has inbred DE LEEUW crossed into Herbots’ top lines inc. JULIAN MILLION

      • Winner of 34th, 84th, and 97th National
      • 8th Nat Ace Bird 2004
      • 1st Ace Pigeon Antwerp Union West
      • 4th Nat Ace Bird KBDB 2004
      • 1st Dourdan 530b
      • 1st Dourdan 1,376b
      • 1st Dourdan 712b
      • 1st Toury 319b
      • 1st Toury 446b
      • 2nd Orleans 1,289b
      • 2nd Noyon 931b
      • 12th Dourdan 1,475b
      • 27th Prov Orleans 12,961b
      • 6th Dourdan 1,052b
      • 108th Toury 1,233b
      • Gsiire of 1st Nat Bourges 37,090b in 2009, 2nd, 7th, 21st, 24th Nat Bourges 20,544b in 2011, 1st Ace Pigeon St-Job Middle Distance Old birds 2010, 2nd Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds ZAV.

Dam from lines of Van Dyck’s KANNIBAAL, Heremans DI CAPRIO, and Wouters’ DE LEEUW and DEN AD lines.

      • Son of Jackpot
        1st Quievrain   1.928p
        1st Quievrain   1.580p
        1st Quievrain   1.278p
        3rd Quievrain   1.267p
        3rd Quievrain     658p
        8th Quievrain   2.622p
        Offsprings won:
        3rd Olympiade Pigeon Nitra Cat A in 2013
        3rd Serbian Olympiade Pigeon Cat G in 2014
        1st Duffel     2.161p
        1st Weert       1.973p
        1st Quievrain   1.928p
        2nd Sittard   16.739p
        5th Weert     20.446p
  • DEN AD …
      • 1st Nat Olympic Cat B Nitra 2013
      • 1st Prov Ace Bird MD Union Antwerpen 2012
      • 1st Nat Ace Bird KBDB MD 2012
      • 1st Marne 276b
      • 1st Dourdan 1,678b
      • 1st Dourdan 833b
      • 1st Dourdan 466b
      • 2nd Dourdan 1,428b
      • 2nd Melun 1,221b
      • 2nd Dourdan 1,322b
      • 3rd Dourdan 1,095b
      • 4th Dourdan 528b
      • 6th Dourdan 2,198b
  • Den Ad is son of De Leeuw winner of 8th Nat Ace Bird 2004
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