Birds to Sell?

If you have birds to sell now, soon, or sometime in the future, and would like to do this via then you can start the ball rolling by e-mailing me (Paul) at or by completing the Contact Form on this website. We can then consider and discuss your requirements in more depth.

I will also be happy to host Sales or Auctions for Clubs and One Loft Races, etc

Sales can be conducted as an Auction or at Fixed Prices, your choice. Auctions are, seemingly, more popular. Within auctions you can set also set ‘Reserve’ prices, and also ‘Buy Now’ options, at your discretion, but these measures can be seen as counter-intuitive i.e. if you set reserves for an Auction then why not simply go for a Fixed Price sale, or start each lot at its Reserve Price?

Auctions and Sales can be structured to sell individual or multiple pigeons and/or pairs or groups e.g. matched pairs; multiples of young birds e.g. £250 for 6; etc.

Promoting your Internet Sale/Auctions with a small (half-page) advert in the BHW can be a good idea. This advert won’t list every lot or picture, by any means, so will neither be big or expensive … the important thing is to just create awareness of your sale and point potentially interested buyers to your own sales page at where they can then browse details and pedigrees in much greater depth on their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

We do have some capacity to hold your birds for the duration of a sale, and can even organise professional photography for you, as well as assisting buyers to collect the birds. (a slightly higher commission rate will apply for this fully managed service)

Commission Rates are ‘tiered’ as follows (add 3% to each rate for fully managed service as described above):-

  • Where the average gross sales price per pigeon is up to £250, a commission of 15% will be deducted
  • Where the average gross sales price per pigeon is above £250 but below £500, the amount above £250 will attract a lower commission of 13½%
  • Where the average gross sales price per pigeon above £500, the amount above £500 will attract a further reduced commission of 12%
  • … meaning that the higher the average value of pigeon sold the more that you, the seller, retains …
  • Please tell us if you know of another site that rewards its sellers’ business in this way, I think we are the first to do this!

PBO prides itself on good communications with Sellers and providing a secure platform for bidders. What I would say to any seller of good pigeons is “why pay more commission elsewhere, when fanciers who are interested in buyer your birds will follow you to PBO and you make a better return that you might do on so many other sites”