Lot 03) NL18-1017855 Chequer Hen

Keizer Lowie 855
Gdtr of New Keizer, Royal Lady 541, Lowie, and Esther.

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Gdtr of New Keizer, Royal Lady 541, Lowie, and Esther.

Sire’s side: Sire is son of New KeizerRoyal Lady 541New Keizer, Van Rijn/Meeder, 1st Ablis 2477b, 1st Gent 371b, 4th Gent 2950b, 1st Peronne 311b, 1st Ablis 254b, 3rd Ablis 6540b, 20th Peronne 7161b. Half brother to 1st Champion Pigeon Middle Distance Romania. Royal Lady 541, Van Rijn/Meeder, winner of 3 x 1st inc. 4th NPO Bourges 5097b. A dtr of Royal Lady is the winner of 1st Strombeek 5630b, 1st Peronne 707b, 2nd Morlincourt 2234b, 3rd Chantilly 5074b, 9th 14889 birds, 5th 3005 birds, 7th Morlincourt 8771b.

Dam’s side: Dam is dtr of Lowie EstherLowie is the sire of ace pigeons and 1st prize winners in great relation. Won himself 7th NPO Argenton 6503p. He comes from the NL02-1641468 Petacchi also father of ace pigeons and winner 7th best cock WHZB 2003, 1st Aardenburg 624p, 1st Etampes 348p, 1st Chantilly 586p, 1st Tours 442p. Petacchi was paired with B05-6045542 Favori, Heremans-Ceusters, 10th Nat. Yearling TBOT, 2nd Ace Pigeon sprint AFD5.


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