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Blue Cock.

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Lot 3 is a grandson of Embregts Theunis’ “Spiceboy” the winner of 48th NPO/Nat Orleans 8135p when paired to a daughter of “De Jonge Crack” X “Mama”. “De Jonge Crack” is sire to 6th NPO Bourges 7179p. “Mama”. Is dam of “De Witpen” the winner of 9 * 1st prizes including 1st St Quentin 6175p plus 5th Moeskreoen 6175p. “Spiceboy” is son of “Rocketeer” X “Beauty Queen” the dam of “Goldspice Girl” 3rd National NPO Orleans 19692p, 29th National NPO Sezanne 11295p, 58th National NPO Sens 17292p, 68th National NPO Bourges 9882p, she also became 2nd Provincial Ace. Dam side is 50% Gerard Koopman.

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