LoftOrganiser (FULL version)


Fabulous pedigree creator for pigeon fanciers.

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*** due to Laptop manufacturers moving away from supplying CD/DVD Drives, we no longer supply this program to you on a CD, instead files will be sent to you using the WeTransfer utility together with full download and installation instructions ***

With LoftOrganiser you store details of all pigeons of relevance to your current loft i.e. racers, and stock pigeons, their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Once all pigeon records are created correctly, pedigrees flow out of the system in a choice of eleven different formats. JPEGs can be stored with the pigeon records, and these are subsequently brought into some of the pedigree formats.

Please feel free to load/read/print the documents below to gain an understanding of how to build up your Pedigree system:-

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