Agency Service

At PBO Auctions our prime function is to sell good birds from good lofts directly to the Fancy, and all registered users on will have viewed the occasional pigeon on the site and may even have bought the odd one.

Of course, you’ll be aware that PBO is just one of many Auction sites operating from within the UK and Western Europe. All of these sites sell good pigeons from good sources, but you, as a prospective buyer, often want to view the whole marketplace from time to time but simply don’t have the time and/or patience to browse through all the sites to find what you want, create an account, and join a bidding process.

Whilst watching a well-known Xmas movie recently, it struck me that if a visitor to PBO can’t find exactly what he wants on PBO, then PBO should be able to find it for you … after all I am a compulsive Internet Auction watcher and therefore generally reasonably aware of what’s currently for sale. That is to say, if you tell me exactly what you’re looking for (and within what budget), then I could search for what you want across multiple auction sites. If what you’re looking for is not available, or your search is too niche, we can also consider an direct approach to reputable Fanciers who may have what you want and organise a private sale.

Example …

  • You’re looking for grandchildren of International winners (and/or National winners with these races)
  • Yes, PBO has these from time to time, e.g. recently from Luuk Becker, but of course other sites have them too, and there’s a fair to good chance that in any one week that there will be lots of grandchildren of International winners available on one or more sites
  • PBO could act as your ‘Agent’ to find and procure the bird(s) on your behalf and organise delivery to you, keeping you well informed throughout the process and ensuring that your requirements are fulfilled

If this kind of Agency service would be of interest to you, just let me know, and I will respond with more details on how exactly this would work. Yes, I will need to charge a service fee %age (or a minimum charge, whichever is higher), but for this fee you will enjoy a stress-free purchasing process:-

  • no worries about forgetting ID and/or password when logging on to bid
  • no worries about getting gazumped in the last few minutes whilst you are unavailable or on holiday
  • no worries about getting carried away ‘in the moment’ and significantly overspending
  • no worries about your anonymity being compromised … etc.

You simply get the bird(s) you want within your pre-set Budget, or not at all.