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Danny Longhurst’s “SOUTHWELLS”

For those of us lucky enough to be sufficiently healthy to continue to participate actively in the sport of pigeon racing, we can plan freely … starting soon with pairing up and rearing youngsters. For others in less good health, tough decisions need to be made, and for some this means terminating their association with pigeons. For a friend and clubmate of mine, Danny Longhurst, that time appears now been reached after nearly a lifetime in pigeons, and his birds need to be quickly dispersed. Together with his closest ally and friend, I will tomorrow catalogue the birds that are available, older breeders and youngsters, and take instruction on how to proceed. For those interested in the old English strain of long-distance Norman Southwell pigeons, kept together for 40-50 years now by Danny, this really is a one-off opportunity to acquire a ready-made long distance breeding section as it’s most likely the birds will be sold in larger groups.

Pricing (subject to availability, with orders filled strictly in accordance to date/time order received by email to If ordering 1-3 pigeons please state your preferred mix of cock/hen. Groups will be mixed sexes and ages, we will confirm exact mix before taking payment. Agreed and paid-for orders can be collected w/c 9th December. There will be no pedigrees, hence the low pricing structure.

  • 1-3 pigeons will be £40 each
  • 4 for £140 (£35.00/pigeon)
  • 6 for £200 (£33.33/pigeon)
  • 8 for £260 (£32.50/pigeon)