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Gregory Bros Auction

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The Barcelona International is considered by many in the Fancy as the No. 1 race in the World, because it is flown over an extreme long distance and also because it is ultra competitive with 20000+ pigeons competing most years from multiple European countries. To win, or be highly placed, at National or International level, is the ultimate proof of a pigeon’s endurance and determination and also the Fancier’s loft management and motivational skills.

Great Barcelona families are hard to find and buy into, but one such family is that of the Belgian fancier, Daniël Aerens, who has had countless pigeons score from Barcelona and other long distance race points, including in 2013 winning 1st Hens International, 4th National, 5th International with “I Have a Dream“.

Gregory Bros (Rathnew, Ireland) are making 17 mature pigeons available in this Auction, all bred by Daniël. Whether you already have an established long distance breeding team, and are looking to blend in additional lines, or you are embarking on or progressing through a long term project to build up a team to compete at Barcelona, other International race points, or 500 mile classic/national races, these pigeons should be of interest to you.