Pigeon Auctions

PBO Solutions is very pleased to offer racing pigeons for auction. On this page you will see links to all active auctions … if there is more than one auction running and you wish to focus on a specific auction then either click an icon below or click the specific auction under Product Categories on the right-hand side of this screen.

Currently we have one auction upcoming:-

Twelve superb “Southwell” pigeons being released by Danny Longhurst, due only to the increasing imbalance of the needs of the birds and his own reducing physical ability these days to do the birds full justice. 5 cocks, 7 hens, all 2017-2018 bred. All dark chequer, dark, or velvet, the odd one slightly pied of with a white flight … absolutely typical of this strain. Anyone already with Southwells might take one or two of these young breeders to augment their existing stock pool. Others wanting to extend their long distance ambitions with birds bred down from the legendary Norman Southwell’s original all-conquering family of long distance pigeons will do absolutely no wrong in taking these birds on.