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Upcoming Auctions

The sale season is shortly coming to its end as we all start preparing for the 2019 race season. However we do have 12 lovely SOUTHWELL pigeons coming up for auction shortly, from a breeder who simply must cut down on the numbers of birds he is keeping. Click this link to go to the SOUTHWELL Auction.

Already the book of auctions for the next internet sales season is forming. As well as repeat auctions for Herbie Thorpe, Luuk Becker, and Leo van Rijn I have a number of very interesting accounts from Netherlands coming in … including birds from Jelle Jellema and Freialdenhofen & Söhne lines.

To keep in touch with PBO, the best method is to create an online account (click “Register Account“) and then I will then email you with updates throughout the year.

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Autumn project!

For anyone still using a loft book, word document, or spreadsheet to keep track of their pigeons, Autumn really is the optimum time to invest is a professional computer database. Our “LoftOrganiser” not only keeps detailed individual records, but through its indexing capability can easily generate 3 and 4 generation pedigrees for you. Yes, you will have to invest some time in entering the records for the first time but the rewards are then instantaneous and infinite! Small and large lofts, even commercial studs, gain equal pro-rate benefits. Not sure and have questions? Fire away, we’re here to help you through the process.

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Register a User Account

Should you wish to bid on any pigeons in upcoming auctions you will first need to have created an account on this website. You can do this at the time of making your very first bid, or at any other time convenient to you. In creating the account you will not be asked for any banking information, just your preferred User Name and a valid email address to enable us to communicate with you through the bidding process.

To create a user account, click “Register Account” on the main menu.