Useful Info (incl. how to Register & Bid etc)

  1. To make a bid you must first create an ACCOUNT. This is relatively simply … just click the Register option on the menu to start/complete the two-stage process:-
    • Account Creation/Registration:
      • Complete all requested details including ‘Nickname’, First Name, Surname, email address, password
    • Account Activation:
      • After creation/registration the site will send you and activation email, to the email address used in the registration process (so make 100% sure that the email address is spelt correctly)
      • This email should be sent to your INBOX, however past experience tells us that sometimes this email gets diverted to your SPAM/JUNK folder, so please look in all these folders for the email
        • Open the email and simply click the activation link
      • If you CAN’T find this email, first check your JUNK/SPAM folder as it may be there, it’s also possible that you entered the wrong (misspelt) email in the registration process … don’t panic … just email or WhatsApp Paul at 07817-776720 and he will help to manage the situation and get you set up
    • important: please make a safe note of your User Name and Password so that future logins are made easier … there’s nothing worse than trying to log in 5 minutes before a Lot closes only to find you’ve forgotten your User Name or Password, or both! Panic Stations right!
      • If you find yourself in this position don’t hesitate to message PBO on 07817-776720 or email PBO at and we’ll try and connect you to your account as quickly as possible.
  2. To make a bid on a Lot, you must first be logged into your account, then simply click the Bid Now button and enter the amount you wish to bid in multiples of £10 or £20 above the current high bid (or an amount equal to the minimum amount if you are the first bidder)
  3. Whatever bid you make, this will be treated as your maximum bid. By this we mean that “Bid Up” functionality of £10, £20, or £50 is in place. So if the current high bid is £80 and the bid increment is £20 and you want to make a bid of £100 but are prepared to bid as high as £200, then by bidding £200  now will raise the high bid to £100 and you will be that bidder. If another buyer subsequently bids £120, then an additional automatic bid of £140 made will be made on your behalf. If there are no further bids you get the bird for £100.
  4. When you make a bid you are effectively entering into a contract to buy that Lot should your bid remain the highest bid at the end of the auction. So, be careful and ensure that you are bidding on the CORRECT LOT and that your bid amount is correct
  5. If you make a mistake in making a bid you must message/call PBO on 07817-776720 or email PBO at … do this as soon as you recognise your mistake and PBO will assist with amending or even deleting your mistaken bid.
  6. Following every bid that you make, you should receive an email confirming your bid!
    • please check the email, because if your bid is under or only equal to another bidder’s previously registered ‘maximum’ bid your bid will not be displayed as the highest bid
    • in the instance described above, you may wish to consider placing another bid of a higher amount and, depending on any higher ‘maximum’ bid already in place, you may then become the highest bidder
  7. At the end of the auction, if you are the highest bidder, you will be sent an email confirming that you have won the auction for that Lot
    • within that email will be a ‘link’ to invite you to pay for the Lot, and the email will include Bank details to facilitate a Bank Transfer
    • please make the payment to PBO as early as possible, and no later than 5 days after the auction closes, so that we make the bird(s) available for collection as early as possible and pay the seller in good time
    • failure to make the payment within 5 days may risk you losing any claim to the bird, as the Vendor may have other sales channels to explore to sell the pigeon(s) … we must play fair with the Vendor and get the payments in within this timeline!
  8. If, at the end of an auction, one or more Lots are unsold, PBO will check with the Vendor as to whether he/she wishes to retain the bird or offer it/them post-auction to the first person willing to match the opening bid amount
    • this may be of particular interest to a bidder who lost out on, say, a hen which was Lot 9 and which closed after his/her 2nd preference hen which closed earlier than Lot 9 and was not sold.
  9. Any Lots not paid for by the winning bidder will be offered to the under-bidder at his/her last bid on the Lot
    • i.e. if the winning bid was £160, and the under-bidder’s last bid was £140, then the under-bidder will be offered the bird for £140
  10. As stated above the expectation if for Lots to be paid for within 5 days, and collected within 10 days, either in person or by using a courier. For pigeons not collected within 10 days, PBO reserve the right to charge a £2/day/pigeon fee to cover ongoing costs of keeping the pigeon. This fee would be payable on or before collection. Please understand that we do not want to make such a charge, so, please, just try and organise collection within 10 days.
  11. Defaulters (i.e. those who don’t honour and settle their winning bids), will be banned from future bidding on this site and their email address may be shared with other auction websites so that collective blocking action against defaulters can be arranged.
  12. If you have any questions or problems please message/call PBO on 07817-776720 or email PBO at